About LocalWiki Bromsgrove

Where did the idea for LocalWiki come from?

Using the Internet to find something locally can sometimes be a fruitless and frustrating experience.

Many local companies and organisations are listed in one or more of the major search engines and directories however, usually the details are no more than an address and telephone number which is not always that helpful if you are looking for something specific.

There are a number of other good online directory style websites, but often the only details listed are from companies that have paid to advertise with them. From a visitors point of view this can also be limiting because you are unable to get the full picture on what is available in the area. If non advertiser companies are listed it's usually back to the basic details again.

Wikis are a great source of information but, they are more encyclopedic in nature and full details of a local car garage, special offers at a restaurant or somewhere you can get your watch repaired are unlikely to appear.

So with LocalWiki, we have combined the very best features of a Directory, Wiki, Blog, Forum and review site to provide our visitors with the best possible experience.

This is the reason we do not charge companies or individuals to post details of their businesses, services and events. We want as much information as possible available to the visitor, coming as close as possible to the experience of asking a friend to recommend a good repair garage or restaurant for example.

It's not just businesses that can be listed, literally anything that relates to Bromsgrove and surrounding areas can be submitted. Our aim is to create a truly local knowledge base that everyone can benefit from.

If you have any ideas or comments on how we can improve LocalWiki Bromsgrove we'd love to hear from you. Please use our contact page.

Best Wishes

The LocalWiki Team