Bromsgrove Allergy and Nutrition Centre

by Caroline

We are a small private clinic specialising in allergy testing and nutritional therapy. The main aim of this therapy is to teach people about helping their own body to heal itself.

This is done by identifying the stresses on the body and removing them. The main digestive system is the key area in this process.

By testing for food intolerances it is possible to find out exactly which foods do not agree with a particular person. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are also reported. The main organs are then given support to help strengthen the immune system which is the crucial part of healing.

The patient is supported throughout this programme both emotionally and physically to reach their optimum health. By giving the patient time to discuss all of their symptions and to listen to them it is possible to give them the correct treatment and advice to suit them.

The emphasis of this type of therapy is on health and disease prevention.

Our clinic opening hours are as follows:

Monday closed

Tuesday 10.00am -- 6.00pm

Wednesday 10.00am -- 5.00pm

Thursday 10.00am -- 5.00pm

Friday 10.00am -- 5.00pm

Alternate Saturdays 10.00am -- 5.00pm

Sunday closed


The initial consultation lasts approximately one and a half hours. A detailed case history is taken before the testing is carried out. During the case history a full medical history is required and information on present diet and discussion of any known food intolerances.

The method of testing used to identify food intolerances is called Kinesiology and is based on a simple muscle resistance test. This is a non-invasive method of testing which is 80-90% accurate in identifying possible food intolerances. The benefit of this method of testing is that a greater number of substances can be tested in one session with instant results.

After the testing is complete a treatment programme is individually tailored to the patients needs, depending on what is discovered during the testing and revealed by the case history. The patient is also required to exclude the relevent foods from their diet for a period of three weeks.

In most cases at least one supplement is recommended depending on the treatment required. All of the supplements are natural and of a high quality.

Most clients report a gradual and often complete recovery of their health and in all cases where the client follows the programme, he or she experiences a noticeable improvement in their symptoms and general health and often the client is able to resume their normal diet once again, although hopefully a healthier version.

We also offer a postal consultation service providing diagnosis and individual treatment programmes based on your symptoms and current diet. This service costs £42.00. For more information and an application pack, please contact us.

Contact Caroline and the team at Unit 33, Basepoint Business Centre,Bromsgrove Technology Park, Isodore Road, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire B60 3ET

Telephone:- 01527 834624


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