Harriet's Hotel Boarding Cattery

by Pauline
(Stoke Prior)

Harriet's Hotel is set in a quiet country garden over looking farmland and has been constructed to the highest standards of hygiene and cat health care which continually updated.

Our Rooms are individually heated with a window, window seat and removable cat flap, leading to their own covered outside exercise area overlooking the garden.

We insist that all cats are immunised against feline infectious enteritis and upper respiratory infections (cat flu). We also insist that your cat is transported in a secure basket or container.

Harriet's Hotel welcome you to bring your own cat bedding so that your cat has something familiar and settles in well. Brushes and combs are welcome but are supplied as the cats are groomed daily.

The Harriet's Hotel Menu is of a high standard and additional attention is given to elderly cats, kittens and those with special needs.

For More details about Harriet's Cattery contact our Proprietor Mrs Pauline Lawrence.

The Old Police Station, 50 Shaw Lane, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, B60 4DX

Tel 01527 871599

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