Lime Bar and Thai Brasserie

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Now Open a New Modern Thai Restaurant with Wine Bar.

2 Course Lunch from £5.95

Express Lunch from £4.95

Try out this new Restaurant in Bromsgrove and review it on this website.

189 Stourbridge Road, Bromsgrove, B61 0AR

Telelphone:- 01527 832622

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Oct 30, 2012
by: nhamwhan

my names is nham whan I am thai and my husband english we live in birmingham we come to visit our friend every month so,we always come to thai and indian brasserie its use to call lime bar and thai brasserie,we love their food very much both thai and indian is excellent, service is 5 star all is quility food and music ,the onwer very friendly talk nicely with us and always busy when i go their, its a lovely place for chill out and talk ,with quility food as always been, loves their food very much I give them 10 star,

Jun 19, 2012
Fabulous food!
by: Julie

We visited this establishment last night after a recommednation by my daughter, who said she thought it was the best food she had ever eaten.
After last night, I completely agree!

The food was divine, they catered for meat eaters, vegetarian and vegan diets, with exceptional friendly service. I would highly recommend the Lime Bar to everyone.

Mar 05, 2012
Excellent Food
by: Ann

I have now visited this establishment twice, and will be going again with friends this month. On both occasions the experience has been first class the service and food have been exceptional.

The building it self from the outside doesn't reflect the high end interior of the inside. I have told friends and family who themselves will be visiting.

Dec 14, 2011
Excellent food, service and decor
by: Anne

Visited on 8th December with friends, the food was excellent, beautifully presented and tasted divine ! Service was exceptional, extremely polite and attentive, we are already planning a return visit at Christmas !

Nov 27, 2011
by: Chaddesley

Visiting with In-laws (their second visit) made for a pleasant and enjoyable evening .. we even came across others from our village on neighbouring tables .. it was quite like home.

Large portions on hot plates with sizzling dishes that completely covered the table .. how do they do it for the price ? Contrary to earlier reports, I think the prices are quite reasonable .. perhaps others should dine-out more.

Good, clearn design and decor with ultra-polite and attentive staff .. other eateries should take a lesson from this place.

What an improvement on the previous establishment and the 'reputation' which it attracted .. this business has the potential to flourish (even in these straightened times).

Sep 23, 2011
by: Andrew Banner

Tryed to book this eating house at 7.45 on a friday evening. Phone rang out, Tried several more times and to no avail

Aug 31, 2011
Top Notch!
by: Anonymous

I have been twice and have received excellent food and service. I strongly recommend!!

Jul 11, 2011
Amazing food and service!
by: Unique

We were so pleased to find a Thai resteraunt open up that was easy for us to get to.We just hoped the food would match our normal Thai experiance's,I can now say it exceded them.

We had a mixed Starter as i wanted to try everything,it looked wonderful and tasted devine,the flavours were devine,you could say we was in heaven!

We cleared everything in sight.Main meals were sensational too,lots of them and very tasty,so much detail like carrots cut into the shape of animals!

We opted for the Dragon Ball dessert,deep fried ice cream,again we died and went to heaven,it was gorgeous and so well presented.

The waiter's kept us topped up with drinks,our glasses never went dry and the service was speedy.

I will go as far as saying it was one of the best ifnot the best meal we have ever had and are already planning our next visit!

May 27, 2011
A pleasant surprise
by: Nudger

I live within walking distance of the Lime Bar / Thai Brasserie so last night I took a walk up there with my wife and our married friends / neighbours.
The Brasserie Restaurant is very smart and the Staff polite and obliging.
We sampled a range of food and it was all very good indeed.
I would highly recommend this establishment for an enjoyable night out.
I wish the owners well with this venture.

Best Regards,

May 13, 2011
by: mary

All I can say is fantastic! wonderfull staff and fantastic food.

I have been to Thailand a few times and I can say this is my new favourite thai restaurant, will keep going back.

The prices are lower than the other Thai restaurants around here.

May 05, 2011
Beautiful atmosphere below average food
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend and I were there last weekend for a quiet romantic meal for two, the atmosphere was sublime but the food was not all that.

They advertise Thai food but the meals we tasted seemed to taste so English.

The prices were eye popping too. Staying well away from there from now on.

Apr 20, 2011
Excellent !
by: Lisa

Food, service, atmosphere? Love them all !!
Definitely be going back.
Honestly recommend.

Apr 18, 2011
by: Dr. Grey

I have tried both Cheltenham and Bromsgrove Thai Brasserie, and I have to say that both are completely fantastic. Authentic Thai, presentations of the food are so great not too much! and all of the staff are again fantastic every-one are so friendly. If you want to have a great meal and TOP service go to Thai Brasserie Cheltenham and Bromsgrove, I know I will be going back there again and again.

Apr 18, 2011
disgraceful food prices are bonkers!!!
by: Amanda and crew

I am sorry that I seem to be moaning but my friends and I visited this lavish restaurant during the weekend and it had to be the worst experience ever!!!

Food was served warm and after a more than your average wait for five pretty straight forward starters.

As a chef myself I found the ingredients used were pretty basic with regards to the prices being charged. As we left we could not help feeling as though we were conned out of our money.

We are living in tight times and our major concern i guess was the overpriced menu, they could surely bring it down a couple of notches AND make a tidy profit, rather than just bleeding us dry.

Will most def. be sticking with our regular Thai.

Apr 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

Fantastic food service, every body there were so helpful. The food was amazing, will tell all and be back soon.

Apr 05, 2011
top thai restaurant
by: Anonymous

the best restaurant in bromsgrove. service was very good. food was amazing. will be going back

Mar 31, 2011
Low expectations
by: Anonymous

Party of 6 of us were really looking forward to having a meal in this new restaurant we heard about.
The decor was beautiful, but the food was no up to the standard we thought it would be, especially for the price we were paying. One of the females had slight attitude, as we were not happy as the food was luke warm by the time it had arrived. The service was not great. Ended up waiting a long time for drinks.
Will definately not be going back here, which is s shame... But think we will stick to our local Thai restaurant.

Mar 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

High Class and very trendy great place to impress your Girlfriend or Boyfriend. Just make sure you've got enough dough before ordering LOL! as I had just about scraped it

Mar 14, 2011
Prices are way too extravagant!
by: Anonymous

Visited this trendy restaurant with my family in the weekend. Service was what you would expect in a lavish setting as grand as the Ritz hotel yet for a simple Thai meal for five [two children by the way] our bill came to £122.

Hard pressed as these times are I do not think such prices are remotely realistic and a far cry from the reasonably priced restaurants and eateries in town.

Mar 13, 2011
Disappointing evening
by: Nine friends

We visited the new Thai Brasserie (the old Feast Lodge/Hundred House) to celebrate a birthday with friends.

Clearly busy on one of the restaurant's first Saturday nights, the staff took a while to get our drinks order to us and eventually took our food order after about 40 minutes.

We'd been there a good hour before getting our starters. The "Golden Bag" dish - tiny pastry wontons filled with minced chicken and vegetables served with a delicate Thai sauce - was lovely, and the chicken satay was incredibly tender and tasted great.

The wheels came off when the main courses started to arrive.

The plates were cold and by the time the majority of our meals got to the table, so was the food.

One of our party ended up with no main course and by the time it was presented (the wrong dish, no less, which was sent back again) everyone else had finished eating.

When the right dish did arrive, with a complimentary dish, it was reported to be very good - and very hot! - everyone else having endured luke warm meals. It took so long to arrive at our table (about half an hour after everyone else's) that we actually tried to cancel it in the end.

The food, on the whole, was fairly tasty but overpriced, though one member of our party was extremely disappointed with her seabass dish.

£3.50 for a very small bowl of egg fried rice, once you've paid more than £9 for a main dish seems pretty unreasonable ? and worse still, it wasn't even hot.

Staff were very friendly and apologised about the temperature of the food and the missing main course, but only after we pointed out several times how disappointed we were.

The interior of the restaurant looks amazing, and it was very busy ? so much so there weren't enough menus to go round ? which clearly had an effect on the standard of service and the length of time we waited for food and drinks. We were in the restaurant almost three hours.

We were given a 15% discount on our £200+ bill, but we won't be visiting again.

I would imagine that you would have a better experience at lunchtime when it isn't so busy, but our party were in agreement that we'd had much better meals and service there when it was The Feast Lodge.

Mar 11, 2011
by: James

Service was lousy and food hardly Thai, My family and I found the place disappointing to say the least.

The meals seemed too English and tasted bland.Prices seemed fair but i think I will be sticking to my regular Thai though

Mar 09, 2011
Free Bottle of Wine
by: Jenny

Look out for the Free Bottle of wine offer in the Bromsgrove Standard.

Offer Valid until the end of March 2011

Mar 09, 2011
Great Thai Lunch
by: Dave

My Partner and I went for a Business Lunch Last Week, the service was great and the food was outstanding.

We will be definitely be going back. Another Great Restaurant in Bromsgrove.

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