Stoke Prior First School

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(Stoke Prior)

Stoke Prior Primary teaches children from Reception to Yr4, the school is welcoming,an nurturing environment and has high expectations for everyone.

The school has a football club, craft club, singing club and in the summer term there is a recorder club for the children to take part in if they wish.

Some of the children can be elected to be a member of the school council and talk about issues that will be raised by the pupils and staff.

Also when the pupils get to Yr4 they can offer themselves as playground buddies if they wish, if they pass the interview stage they can help out at lunchtimes either in the playground or lunch hall.

Check out the latest events at Stoke Prior First School.

Ryefields Road, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B60 4ND

Tel:- 01527 832520

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