Zumba Classes Bromsgrove

by Nicki

Zumba is a combination of fitness and dance moves to a fusion of Latin and international music. Zumba is a fun and easy to do ?feel-happy? workout that?s great for both your body and for your mind.

Zumba is a GREAT way to lose weight, tone your muscles, increase cardio strength, improve coordination, gain self-esteem and feel HAPPY! That is why so many people love it, come on in and join the party and fall in LOVE with the music too.

Anyone can join in, whatever your level of fitness, you can take it easy at first if you want to. Each time you attend a class it will get easier and easier!

Nicki Carless is proud to be the first qualified fitness instructor in Bromsgrove to train as a certified Zumba instructor. Nicki?s first few classes were so popular that she immediately had to find a bigger venue to accommodate her throng of enthusiastic students.

For More Details and the Zumba Class Timetable Contact Nicki.

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